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Are you looking for confidence and well-being in your work?

Do you need clarity in your professional choices?

After mentoring 300 participants, I have helped many people like you

Group workshops & individual coaching by ANDRE DELAFONTAINE

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Tired, stressed or disengaged at work?

Are you spending
enough time
in your Genius Zones?

Whether you are an employee or self-employed,
stand out on the job market!

You are all geniuses in some areas.
But are you aware of which ones?

Increasing the time spent in your Genius Zones considerably increases your attractiveness on the job market and y
our personal satisfaction.

Lead your professional future with confidence and clarity!

This complimentary booklet in French gives you a «step by step»  method and clear path to identify and activate your Genius Zones
GeniusLife interactive booklet
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I would like my copy of the method
Les zones de Génie


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With maturity, you have a clearer idea of which tasks you are good at and which ones you procrastinate.

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The paradox is that
for tasks where

you really excel,

you think it's natural
for everyone,
which is absolutely not the case!

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Performing certain activities seems trivial to you and you don't even think of it as real work.

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Time becomes fluid and you have even more energy after completing these kinds of tasks.

These activities
are your real
Zones of Genius!

Spending most of your time

in your Genius Zones

positively differentiates us

and increases your satisfaction

all day long.

Whether you are

  • an executive

  • an employee

  • a team manager

  • self-employed

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and make sure to put to good use – and at the service of others – your Genius Zones!

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Schedule a 30 min call with André Delafontaine

to answer your questions about the program

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The program


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1096 CULLY

or online!


Next dates for 2024:

Group 28: 3, 17 & 31 Mai


for 3 half days
and implementation

early bird price:
CHF/EUR 990.-

regular price:
CHF/EUR 1190.-

Content of the 3 workshops


  • Genius Zones and the other 3 skill levels.

  • The method to find your Genius Zones​.

1st half day:

  • Filter your Genius Zones with our checklist. ​ If you have not identified them, we will refund the price of the course!

2nd half day:

  • The time spent in your Genius Zones (hint: it's very low) and the reasons that prevented you from doing so.

  • Generate about twenty professional projects based on your Genius Zones.

3rd half day:​​

  • The 5 regrets that hinder the implementation of Genius Zones.

  • Build your concrete action plan in 5 steps to implement your favorite project.


You will be accompanied as soon as you send your registration in the implementation of your Genius Zones.

Meeting with peers:

  • You will share with other participants who will be at the same point as you and with whom you can help each other.

Implementation follow-up:

  • Your group will meet 3 times at 1 month intervals to accompany you throughout the implementation.

Online messaging group:

  • From the beginning, you will have access to it to have the support of other participants and answers to your questions.



Emmanuelle Ossola.jpg

Emmanuelle Ossola

Meeting with André Delafontaine was a great moment. As if we had known each other for many years. Simple, fluid and energizing!

The workshop on Genius Zones that I followed allowed me to take giant steps in the transition from employee to independent. I was able to open the door to my creativity, meet extraordinary people and that's just the beginning of a long story!
Our exchanges with André are always very rich.
Thank you André for everything you bring me.

Michael Ingram.jpg

Michael Ingram

Founder at Revario

The Genius Zones program has simply changed my life. Following this course, I started creating a business based on my passion, trail running. 18 months later, the Revario brand ( was created, the first direct and in-store sales were made, an industrial sewing production workshop for the brand in Switzerland was launched and I left my job as an engineer. .

This adventure allowed me to rediscover other Genius Zones I have such as creating videos and photos for the brand. And gave me meaning to my life through personal transformation.

The concept of Genius Zones is simple but powerful and I can only advise you to discover yours. It could change your life.

Christel Deshaie.jpg

Christel Deshaie

The Genius Life workshop brings a very concrete dimension and often little exploited in personal development, it is a question of opening up to one's Genius Zones which are at the intersection of one's talents and one's passions. Once we have become aware of our zones - unique to each of us - then we feel armed and confident to move forward, and to evolve ''differently''. An inspiring journey within an extremely positive bubble, and that's André's genius!

Celine Jacquemet.jpeg

Celine Jacquemet

Exhausted by a job that no longer makes sense to you, you dream of finding an activity that you are passionate about and which could generate the same income as your current job, or even more. The Genius Zones workshop given by André Delafontaine is exactly what you need!

These weeks of reflection and exchanges with participants having the same desire to carry out an exciting activity, confirmed my Genius Zones.

André guides us with a concrete action plan to implement the necessary professional changes that allow us to generate income with an exciting activity.

As long as we're working 42 hours a week, we might as well make it!

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and make sure to put to good use – and at the service of others – your Genius Zones!

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Schedule a 30 min call with André Delafontaine

to answer your questions about the program




André Delafontaine

I created the Genius Zones program Genius Life to support employees and self-employed to achieve their dreams by getting paid for their passions!


17 years of management experience in multinationals on 3 continents

Founder of multiple startups

MBA EPFL & HEC Lausanne

Creator of the excelerate partners network

Independent consultant, facilitator and coach since 2015

Speaker highly appreciated for his charisma and persuasiveness,

André Delafontaine is in his Genius Zone when he chooses to share his skills,

at the crossroads between business development and personal development:

"everyone creates their own reality" is his leitmotif and he chose to create his own reality by putting himself at the service of the greatest number, teaching how to activate all the levers of success, personal fulfillment, starting by inviting everyone to shine up to their full potential, to the delight of employees and freelancers, as well as employers!


They trust us

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and make sure to put to good use – and at the service of others – your Genius Zones!

Schedule a 30 min call. with André Delafontaine to answer your questions about the program

Thank you for your message!

Genius Zones Program

Andre Delafontaine

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